A SPACE JOURNEY – 100 Milliarden Sonnen (2022)

The space- between self and the cosmos,
birth and death- between each unique experience of life.
A star, a human being, a piece of sky,
all live as expressions of creation, and all die as the same.
A star gathers into itself
inner tension stirs transformation
change explodes through its boundaries
what once defined releases itself into the undefinable
—- Sara Ezzell

100 Milliarden Sonnen” is composed in four parts: Birth, Life, Death and Sublimation and is performed by a female choir, three BP (Bohlen-Pierce) – clarinets, trombone, violin, viola, cello, percussion, tape and the dancer. A special feature of the composition is the Last Minute, which refers to the NASA project “From space to sound” by transforming telescope recordings into sound via sonification.



Musical direction: Yalda Zamani

Bohlen-Pierce-Ensemble: Lin Chen, Ákos Hoffmann, Georgia Ch. Hoppe, Nicola Kruse, Felix Mayer, Nora-Louise Müller, Manfred Stahnke, Krischa Weber


Concept/Composition: Xiao Fu

Concept/Video: KLARA (Janina Luckow)

Concept/Choreography/Dance: Sara Ezzell

Lighting: Ron Zimmering

Science: Volker Heesen

 Costume: Lea Grabosch